August Hardeland and the »Rheinische« and »Hermannsburger« Missions in Borneo and Southern Africa (1839–1870)

The History of a Paradigm Shift and its Impact on South African Lutheran Churches

Autor/Hrsg.: Böhmer, Karl E./Harrison, Matthew C.
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
ISBN: 978-3-8469-0234-9
Reihe: Oberurseler Hefte Ergänzungsbände, Band: 18
Seiten: 378
Ausstattung: Hardcover, 17 Abbildungen, 2 Tabellen

in englischer Sprache, mit einem Beitrag von Matthew Harrison

Wer war August Hardeland, umstrittener Missionar in Borneo und Südafrika? Diese missionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung untersucht durch ihn ausgelöste Konflikte um Missionsverständnis und -praxis. Die abgedruckten Dokumente ermöglichen darüber hinaus eigene Analysen.

The German missionary August Hardeland was born in 1814 and started to work in Borneo/Indonesia in 1840, soon moving on to other parts of South East Asia in the service of Rheinische Mission. After returning to Europe, he continued his bible translation project. In 1858, the Hermannsburger Missionsgesellschaft appointed him the first superintendent to southern Africa – the beginning of what became known as the »Hardeland conflicts« which fundamentally altered the course of missions and the historical development of the Lutheran churches in southern Africa. The book analyzes the conflicts and traces their roots. It also offers an appendix of historical documents translated into English for the first time, as well as brief biographies.

Table of Contents
Part One: The Development of August Hardeland Pre-1859
Youth and Education of August Hardeland (1814–1839)
1839–1845 August Hardeland’s First Stint in Borneo
1845–1848 August Hardeland’s Service in the Cape Colony
1849–1858 August Hardeland’s Service in the DBS and Second Stint in Borneo
Summary and Conclusions
Part Two: Louis Harms. The Man, His Views, and His Mission
The Development of Louis Harms, His Views, and the Hermannsburg Mission Society
The Training and Deployment of the Missionaries and Colonists
The Implementation of the Vision of Louis Harms in the Mission Field (1854–1859)
Perceptions of the Hermannsburg Mission Society Model by Indigenous Africans
Part Three: The Hardeland Conflicts
Louis Harms selects August Hardeland as the First Superintendent for the HMS in Africa
Conflict between August Hardeland and the Missionaries in the Tswana Territory
August Hardeland and the Missionaries of the Hermannsburg Mission Society
Conflict between August Hardeland and the Indigenous African People
Conflict with the Colonists
Growing Conflict between Louis Harms and August Hardeland
The Termination of the Community of Property and Colonization Model
Der Hardeland-Konflikt (Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache)
Wer war August Hardeland? Sein Werdegang und Einsatz in der Rheinischen Mission
Louis Harms und die Hermannsburger Mission (HM)
Die Wahl August Hardelands zum Superintendenten
Der Konflikt mit den Tswana-Missionaren
Die Superintendentur August Hardelands: Weitere Konflikte und Austritte
Appendices (including Chronology and Selected Sources in translation)



Umschlagbild: August Hardeland and the »Rheinische« and »Hermannsburger« Missions in Borneo and Southern Africa (1839–1870)

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